Land Sales Open Times
12pm - 5pm, 7 days

1 Evergreen Blvd (Just off Howard St)
Jackass Flat Bendigo VIC 3556

For all enquiries about
Evergreen Waters, please contact:


Fresh sustainable thinking.

Evergreen Waters is being built according to leading sustainable initiatives, and using materials that are gentler on the environment. So you’ll be living in a community that has been created not only to leave a great impression now, but also a positive legacy right into the future.

Environmental development features that are a first for Victoria:

  • The first Victorian development to use Water recycling via 3rd pipe technology - allowing for excess water collected in the home to be used for flushing toilets and watering gardens.
  • Recycled Water Fact Sheets available here

Other leading edge sustainlable features:

  • A development that is contemporary yet in tune with the area’s pastoral heritage and native surroundings.
  • A settlement that respects and protects existing and valued natural landscape settings to reduce impact on terrain, flora & fauna.
  • Planning, landscaping and preservation that retains a bush ‘horizon’ throughout the development.
  • Recommended solar hot water systems for every home reducing residential energy bills.
  • EcoBlend Cement (created with less energy, fossil fuel and waste by-product), to be used in footpaths, kerbs and hard landscaping.
  • North/south lot orientation to minimise energy use.
  • Creation of a new wetlands and a linear park along Jackass Gully Creek and community park space to encourage native flora and fauna.
  • Sensitive landscaping of shared areas according to a report by leading flora & fauna experts to ensure that plants, grasses and flowers native to the Greater Bendigo region are used where possible.